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Pavan Kumar is an Award-winning self-initiated marketer and innovator with 14 years of experience in end-to-end marketing, social media marketing, branding communications – online and offline across Education, Real Estate, IT, and Sports Infrastructure verticals.

Known for creating impacting brand stories from scratch, Pavan Kumar is also known for driving the brand story to the next level through 
360-degree marketing strategy and communications.


Apart from building stories, Pavan Kumar is a self-inspired writer, performer, fitness freak, cyclist, and an awesome cook.


His recently launched Podcast Channel which connects many inspiring stories of MAKE IN INDIA is a well-received channel and is now part of De Zero Stories.


Harimohan Paruvu is an Indian author, former cricketercolumnistscreenwriter, and motivational speaker, known for his English-language books centered on the game of Cricket.


He coaches organizations on various aspects of team building, purpose finding, championship performance, using the lessons of Cricket. 

His best-sellers include Men Within (2006)
If you love someone (2010), 50 Not Out! (2015),
This Way is Easier Dad (2017), The Renaissance Man (2019).

He mentors the purpose of De Zero Stories in connecting many lives and making a positive impact on brand and in people that work for them. 

He brings his coaching expertise to De Zero Stories that will empower millions.

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